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Get your cameras ready! It's time for the 6th Annual Cemetery Photo Contest!  
Send us your favorite photos of statuary, flora and fauna, headstones, and scenic shots from Austin's five city cemeteries (taken at anytime - not just in the last year).  Austin's five city cemeteries include Austin Memorial Park, Evergreen, Oakwood, Oakwood Annex, and Plummers.
See the attached SAC photo contest rules and entry form (2 entries per page) for more information.  
Entries will be accepted from now until midnight,August 31st.  After the deadline, the entries will be uploaded to our website where you'll then have a chance to vote for your top 12 favorite photos.  The 12 photos with the most votes will earn places in the 2016 SAC calendar, and the winning photographers will win a one-year membership to SAC.  The 1st place photo earns a spot on the cover of the calendar!

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Save Austin's Cemeteries is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving historic cemeteries in Austin through documentation and education, and promoting historic cemeteries of Austin as local and state cultural resources.

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Save Austin's Cemeteries is proud to offer Austin's Historic Oakwood Cemetery: Under the Shadow of the Texas Capitol for sale. Oakwood Cemetery is a collection of graves and also of stories.

These stories of Austin's beginnings form the foundation of a modern metropolis and have created the vibrant cultural and political heart of Texas.

In compiling this volume of narratives and photographs, we hoped to create connections from Austin's start as a 19th century wild outpost to the 21st century city we know today. If you've visited Oakwood, even if you've only driven through on Main Street, you cannot have missed the names Zilker, Kreisle, and Scarbrough on the monuments that line either side of the street. If you've explored a bit further, more familiar names appear along the shady lanes, and questions begin. Who exactly were these people, why are their names all over town, what did they contribute to Austin? And who are the others, and are there nameless ones--surely there are many?

The tales and pictures in this book will answer some of those questions. In our continuing preservation work in Oakwood Cemetery, we've learned its stories from the shades and shadows and we're eager to share them with you. $16.25 each including sales tax. 6"x9" paperback with 126 pages, black and white photographs on semi-gloss paper. Shipping & handling $5.95 (for up to 6 books).

All proceeds from book sales will benefit cemetery preservation projects.
Click Here to order your copy.
For more information or to pick up a copy of the book, please contact info@sachome.org

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