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We have identified several areas currently needing volunteer help. If you are interested in any of these opportunities or would like more information, please contact us. Also, please see our Project pages.

Gravestone Photography: SAC’s goal is to photograph each gravestone at Oakwood cemetery to have reference shots to help in the future when the stones are impacted by time, weather, theft, or vandalism. Photo documentation sessions are held the first Saturday of October-May, weather permitting.

Headstone Cleaning: Biological pollutants are gradually destroying many of the historic monuments in our cemeteries. SAC needs help cleaning headstones using a safe product and has a variety of tasks ranging from very detailed work to those for people who want to get some exercise.

Social Media & Marketing: You can find SAC on the web, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but we need help providing great content and maximizing the use of social media and other advertising options to get the word out about SAC’s preservation and education efforts. Volunteers can also help develop our advertising procedures and materials, develop a broader media contact list, and distribute materials for events.

Research & Materials Development: SAC wants to develop additional materials that will help people find what they need and spread the word about Austin’s city cemeteries, its residents, and the links to other aspects of Austin historic. We need help with research, writing content, editing what has already been documented, expanding our illustrated maps, identifying innovative ways to share the information, and developing grant submissions for our preservation and educational projects.

Walking Tours: Our annual “Murder, Mayhem and Misadventure” tour on Halloween weekend is one of our most popular events, but we’d like to enhance our current Texas History and other tours to bring even more visitors to Oakwood. We need researchers, writers, tour guides, actors, and other volunteers to help advertise and run the events.

Membership Development: SAC exists to represent the community’s interest in preserving the Austin’s historic city cemeteries, but we need to both increase and diversify our membership to represent the breadth of interests. Volunteers can help identify potential target groups to invite to join SAC, help launch a membership campaign, and design literature for use in these campaigns.

Docents at Oakwood Cemetery Chapel: Some of the best stewards for our historic cemeteries are the descendants and tourists who visit on the weekends. SAC wants to provide them with assistance in finding the gravesites they’re looking for, answering questions about cemetery preservation, and inviting them to get involved with SAC. This program in under development with the Austin Cemetery Division.