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Photo Documentation of Gravestones

Over 10 years ago, SAC started a project to photograph and thoroughly document each headstone in detail at Oakwood Cemetery. Many of the beautiful monuments we see today may not be here in twenty years or even tomorrow, as we have seen in recent years with occurrences of vandalism and storm damage. These photo reference shots will help us in the future when the headstones are impacted by time/aging, weather, theft, or vandalism.

Photo documentation sessions are held at Oakwood Cemetery the first Saturdays most of the months October-May, weather permitting. Sections 1, 2, and 3 have now been completed at Oakwood, so Section 4 is our next focus area. Please visit our Events page and Facebook for the current schedule.

In the past, it takes over 2.5 years to document a section at Oakwood – that’s a lot of time and dedication by our great SAC volunteers. We can’t do it without you so many thanks for all your hard work.