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Oakwood Chapel Restoration Completed!

Oakwood Chapel Before Restoration Oakwood Chapel After Restoration

Built in 1914, the Oakwood chapel is a charming Gothic Revival style building located near the west entrance in Oakwood Cemetery in an area surrounded by burials of people of many different races. The years have taken their toll on the limestone building, and its purpose has changed from a chapel to office and storage space. Minor repairs have been made to slow the decaying process; however a more aggressive approach was required to preserve this architectural gem.

The Oakwood Cemetery Chapel Rehabilitation project was initiated by SAC in 2007 when our group recognized the urgent need to restore the chapel. SAC paid for a Building Condition Assessment Report, materials testing (for lead and asbestos), a geotechnical report for assessing the type of soil under the chapel and foundation engineering in preparation for foundation stabilization, and led grassroots efforts to let the city know how important this charming building is to the history of Oakwood Cemetery and to the city itself.

This Rehabilitation project is now complete and was expertly managed by Austin Parks & Recreation Department starting in 2016 and formally re-opened August 2018. Stop by to see how beautifully the chapel was restored! Please visit PARD’s Oakwood Chapel Project for additional information.

A 'ribbon cutting' event will be held by PARD and SAC on August 24, 10:00 to 11:00 at the chapel. Details will be forthcoming from PARD.....

Chapel Reports Funded by SAC to Initiate The Project

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