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Oakwood Chapel Restoration Project

Built in 1914, the chapel is a charming Gothic Revival style building located near the west entrance in Oakwood Cemetery. Originally used as a mortuary chapel, it has seen many residents pass by to their final resting places.

The years have taken their toll on the limestone building and its purpose has changed from a chapel to office and storage space. Minor repairs have been made to slow the decaying process; however a more aggressive approach is required to preserve this architectural gem.

SAC is currently working with Heimsath Architects to develop a “feasibility study” that will identify how we’ll achieve the architectural restoration of the 1914 Gothic Revival Chapel at Oakwood Cemetery. This includes the physical restoration, programming for the future community uses of the space, and launching a capital campaign to raise the funds to make it all happen. Volunteers will work with the Steering Committee to implement the fund-raising campaign, including planning and hosting special events to raise awareness, garner community and political support, and recognize donors.

Oakwood Cemetery Chapel Restoration

Chapel Architect Charles H. Page circa 1957 American Statesman

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