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Save Austin's Cemeteries is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving historic cemeteries in the Austin through documentation and education, and to promoting historic cemeteries of Austin as local and state cultural resources.

Dale Flatt founded Save Austin's Cemeteries in 2004 when he saw need for a higher level of maintenance at Oakwood Cemetery. Since then, SAC has been actively participating in the preservation efforts at the five city cemeteries. SAC documents the conditions at the cemeteries including the headstones and researches the histories of the cemeteries and cemetery residents. SAC provides input to City Council and the Parks & Recreation Department on cemetery needs.

SAC provides educational opportunities to the public by providing walking tours several times a year that cover a variety of topics, such as Texas Independence, Prominent Women of Austin, Place Names of Austin, and the annual event called Murder, Mayhem & Misadventure for Halloween. SAC also provides tours for school and scout groups on individualized topics.

SAC also hosts guest speaker sessions where guests are invited to talk about their field of interest. This has included Jewish Burial Customs, Ethnic Heritage in Austin, George Washington Littlefield Family History, Cemetery Symbolism to name a few.

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